Google Adwords Alternatives

When it comes to running a PPC campaign, the first name that comes to your mind is AdWords from Google. While this is a really good ad network, it is also a very expensive one. Even with careful keyword selection and targeting, it is not an exception to pay more for AdWords ads than you make in revenue. Cost is the main reason to look for alternatives to AdWords. Fortunately, such alternatives do exist and the best is that some of them could even outperform AdWords in terms of return on investment. Here are 12 great AdWords alternatives to consider.

1 Facebook Paid Ads
2 Yahoo!/Bing Ads from Microsoft
3 Amazon Product Ads
4 Clicksor
5 7Search
6 AdBrite
7 Bidvertiser
8 Dynamic Oxygen
9 Infolinks
10 BuySellAds
11 Adknowledge Miva
12 BlogAds