Top 10 News for Today

  1. Facebook rolled out a social search service called "graph search."
  2. Here's how graph search works.
  3. There are a lot of ex-Googlers working on Facebook's search product.
  4. Facebook is all-in on this search thing, even going so far as to change the sign to its headquarters.
  5. Yahoo product exec Shashi Seth has left the company.
  6. Apple has a new system in China that lets buyers pay for Apple gadgets in two-year installments.
  7. Apple lost a second key retail employee — VP Jerry McDougal has left.
  8. Since the Facebook IPO, insiders at the company have sold $775 million worth of stock.
  9. Google is holding a developer event at the end of the month for developers working on Google Glass.
  10. Apple may have cut its iPhone orders because its changing suppliers, or it over ordered in the first place.