How to Use SlideShare for Driving Traffic

SlideShare is a social media site – one of the many but also one of the best. However, unlike Twitter or Facebook, you don't share (only) messages - you share presentations instead. Presentations have been used for business and personal needs for decades and they are a popular way to express yourself visually.

On SlideShare you can upload your presentation and if it gets popular, it can be viewed by millions of people. If you know how to make the presentation, you can not only get traffic to your site, but you can also improve your rankings with Google, expand your followship on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., attract more subscribers to your newsletter, or boost your brand/reputation online.

If used properly, SlideShare can really do a great job. Here are some tips how to make the most of SlideShare.

1 Upload Only Quality Presentations
2 Choose a Memorable Title and Write an Interesting Description
3 Keep Your Structure Simple and Your Points Short
4 Don't Forget to Include the URL of Your Site
5 Pick Long Tail Keywords to Include
6 Make the Design of Your Presentation Outstanding
7 Promote Your Presentation
8 Get More Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans
9 Get More Email Subscribers
10 Build Your Brand and Reputation
11 Consider Upgrading to LeadShare