Updated: Stronger Reports Of A Google Update

The rankings for most of the keywords has depreciated from top 10 positions as there has been a Google update on 17th of Jan 2013.

Google official Blog has not yet confirmed it but most of the popular blog sites have mentioned the Google algo update that has affected the rankings as well as traffic for most of the keywords.

I am mentioning the URL of few popular blogs below:-

Monday I reported some weaker signs of a Google update but things settled down a bit but is now spiking higher this morning.
The WebmasterWorld thread sparked up again with a lot more feedback and chatter from webmasters about Google changes. Also, I am hearing a lot of reports onTwitter as well.

Seen movement in rankings this wk, incl. a double listing back. RT  Google January 2013 Update Underway?

A senior member at WebmasterWorld wrote today:
I'm seeing our old zombie traffic since the end of the year. So we'll have a slow week, then like clockwork things will be back to normal next week or so. Read More


I had been experiencing gradual recovery since Penguin, with my key term page back at the bottom of page 1, and home page (in top three positions before penguin) up to page 5 for key term. 

Today the key term page has dropped back to page 2, but the home page has dropped below page 50 (Startpage finds it on p 47) for key term. 

I has all the hallmarks of Penguin 1: exact term and page (e.g. <key term location> is OK). 

It might be just a temporary glitch (I hope so!): I can't see what on earth would cause that kind of penalty now. Read More

Today Tips
Good backlinks from related websites are the most important element in Google's ranking algorithm. Getting these links is the hard part. Since Google's Penguin update, automatically created low quality links don't work anymore. 

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